Discover yourself, they said. How?

                                                                                   I think most of us go through a time when we are confused about ourselves. Sometimes this confusing leads to good things and sometimes it leads us to bad ones. But how do we use this loneliness, anger, frustration and depression to our own benefit. How can we play it safe? Can it help us in our search for our true selves? Do we even know that there is some light in this dark world? Hope? Hope, it’s such an unknown feeling.

                                                                                    In such times all you see is inevitable, nothing more or nothing less. Hope? It’s all gone with the wind. Every moment is as painful as the 12’o clock sun to a vampire. But in such times all you need is that little push. That little light of hope, love and companionship and it doesn’t has to someone or something. You could be your own hero. You could save yourself. You could ripe out the knife from your heat and stop the never ending pain. All you have to do is believe in yourself. I know it sound stupid and idiotic, you may think “hey, that’s not going to work. I am too weak for this. I am just useless” but trust me you are not. You are a very beautiful unique creature and maybe everyone just can’t seem to realize it yet. But you need too; you need too so you can discover yourself beyond those depressing emotions.

                                         All you need to do is save yourself and who knew discovering yourself would be such a labor and remember diamonds are made after the coal goes through a lot of hot shit (pun indeed).


Discover yourself, they said.

Discover yourself. How can someone discover himself/herself? How do you know who you are? Is this the true you or the fake you. We spend so much of our lives in pretending to be someone else that we truly forget who we really are. What we really are, what we like or what we dislike. We do all this just so we can fit in the eyes of the others. It’s such a pitiful way to live our lives. Some of us go through our entire life without truly knowing who we are. We just keep pretending to be happy and keep smiling in the eye of the world. But what happens when we are alone.

What happens is that we realize that how extremely unhappy we are with our lives. And how depressed, alone and angry we are and how badly we are drowning in this sea of unknown emotions. And are these emotions just who we really are?  Or there is something beyond this loneliness. Something that is hidden in these dark thoughts, something that would help us in discovering who we are or would it just led us to our own doom.