Discover yourself, they said.

Discover yourself. How can someone discover himself/herself? How do you know who you are? Is this the true you or the fake you. We spend so much of our lives in pretending to be someone else that we truly forget who we really are. What we really are, what we like or what we dislike. We do all this just so we can fit in the eyes of the others. It’s such a pitiful way to live our lives. Some of us go through our entire life without truly knowing who we are. We just keep pretending to be happy and keep smiling in the eye of the world. But what happens when we are alone.

What happens is that we realize that how extremely unhappy we are with our lives. And how depressed, alone and angry we are and how badly we are drowning in this sea of unknown emotions. And are these emotions just who we really are?  Or there is something beyond this loneliness. Something that is hidden in these dark thoughts, something that would help us in discovering who we are or would it just led us to our own doom.



7 thoughts on “Discover yourself, they said.

  1. The little section of your blog was related to me and that was 100% true . Even though your blog is small but has a very deep meaning to it . Good luck with your futher blogs and keep suprising us all.

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