Why happiness does come with a price tag?

Do you feel like every time you are happy somehow it gets stolen from you? For some bizarre reason your happiness turns into pain or sadness. It’s like ‘happiness’ personally hates you, it’s just doesn’t wants to stay with you. The more you laugh the more you cry. Isn’t it so unfair? And more over sometime you just can’t seem to find it. All that is left in your life is sadness and pain. You just can’t stop crying over petty things and no matter how hard you try to be happy, it’s like happiness is completely stripped from your soul and has been sold to the devil. In these moments of desperations you are clinging on to the smallest hope of happiness you get from anyone or anything. Sometimes this thing or person won’t help you and in such times you lose hope completely.

Why is our happiness always dependent on others? The people who just don’t care about how we feel but we still feel that they are important to us and that we need them. Why do we need a reason to be happy? Why can’t we just be happy for our existence and for all the things we have rather than just crying over the things we don’t have. If we keep our happiness dependent on things that really do matter then something might just change. We just need to widen our horizon, see outside the box. The world is a big place and if we just learn to see the world for what it is, a very big happy place with a little  sprinkle of sadness to help us realize the importance’s of ‘being happy’. If we just start living for those happy moments then maybe, just maybe ‘happiness’ would stay.


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