What about the future?

If we could just have a glimpse in the future then maybe it won’t be so difficult to make decisions that would give us a guaranteed happy life. Future is such a scary yet exciting term. You never know what the future might hold for you. You never know what or how you would be then and you constantly keep trying in various ways to secure your future but it doesn’t always turns out the way you want it to be.

It’s also so hard to decide what we want to do in the future because let’s face it, we are still confused teenagers with out of control hormones and to make such a critical decision during this confusing time is more confusing than reading a book in Victorian English. It’s not just being confused about it but deciding what we want to do is also hard because as we grow up our interests keep changing quite rapidly, at our age we are never sure about anything. I mean let’s face it everyone hated Justin Bieber like 6 months ago and they hated him for a long time but now that he has dropped his new album which I might say is quite awesome everyone has started to like him. That’s not the only example I mean you have a crush for like a month tops and later on you don’t like that person anymore. I mean personally I change my crush like I change my pants.

But hey, who said life was easy (no one apparently). It’s okay to be confused and not sure. I mean no one is perfect. You just have to have faith in yourself. You just have to give time for yourself and discover new things and just go on with life. You’ll figure it out sooner or later just don’t be in hurry. You’ll get it eventually.


ps : i am in love with song.

pss: no hate. PLEASE.


4 thoughts on “What about the future?

  1. The blog should have been a little bigger cause it was getting way more exicting to read those humourous lines …. but it was nice. Keep writing and good luck 🙂

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