What’s the right way of celebrating the festival of lights; Diwali?

Diwali is one the most important festivals of India. The festival of lights they call it. Diwali is celebrated across religion and region. But are we celebrating this festival in the right way? Are we really pleasing the gods above by our ways of celebrating it? I am not much of a very religious person but I think that even the Gods know the importance’s of the God of all gods, who might you ask? Well isn’t it obvious; “Earth”. Our mother earth is at least to me is above god and everything (quite literally). The earth gives us life, water, food and everything else. We are nothing without her and yet we harm her in so many horrible ways. We don’t understand that how important she is for our existence as a race. “You don’t know the value of something until you lose it”, is so true in this case. Sometimes we have no choice but to harm her in order to have development for our race. But do we have a choice? Are there things that are not necessary and can be stopped which will help reduce the pain of our mother nature.

Well the easiest way to do that is to stop bursting so many effing firecrackers during Diwali. It does looks like a small effort like, “what difference is it going to make if I won’t burst cracker for like 5 days”, but trust me it will. And isn’t Diwali a festival of lights and I am pretty sure that light doesn’t necessarily means firecracker. I mean you could donate some candles to people who have to live without any form of electricity or light. Children who don’t have any sort of light to study under in the dark. I think that would be a right way to celebrate the festival of light and trust me it would definitely feel 100 times better than burning crackers. The happiness you get when you donate anything to a person who actual needs it. You could spread light in someone’s life by your kindness and donation and this light would be brighter than the one a firecracker can make. A better noise than of a firecracker can be the one of a contained laugh happy child. Do something different for once and feel the happiness. So be the change this Diwali because isn’t it to mainstream to burst crackers and celebrate Diwali?


ps : hello! from the other sideeeeeee.

pss : Fireworks are not fun for animals. Always keep dogs and cats inside the house when fireworks are being let off. Stay calm and make sure they have somewhere to hide.

pss : Check out my friend’s post for better facts on bursting firecrackers during Diwali. Be a little selfish this Diwali.

psss : HAPPY DIWALI!!!! 🙂 to everyone.


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