What about love?

Love, it’s just a difficult feeling to explain, you can’t really explain it unless you have ever been in love and even if you have ever been in love it’s still quite hard to explain it. There are all different types of love that come with different types of relationship. But the love you have for someone with whom you’ll like to spend the rest of your existence or at least you hope to spend the rest of your existence with them is very much different. Love is beautiful yet dangerous. Love is like a roller-coaster, you feel so much more alive then you actually are.

Your world starts with your special one and ends with them. It’s like they have this power that could make you do anything and everything. If you both disagree, it feels like your worlds going to end. When he/she is happy, so are you. When he/she is sad, so are you. Your whole universe starts to revolve around the one. But when your one and only; doesn’t loves you back as much as you love him/her or maybe a little less than you do; it hurt. It hurt so much that you can physically feel it. It’s like your hearts stops beating.

But if he/she loves someone else then it feels more like dying, it’s like every second you see them loving someone else, in that every second you are dying slowly and everything is just not beautiful anymore. Life has no meaning to it. You just want a little love, little hope because you know you can’t just live with the one. You just want, no you need him/her to just love you back. Everything starts to fall apart and you just don’t know pick up the broken pieces. You don’t know how to just undo it, how to be whole again and it suck but if you ever had a chances to overdo it, you would still choose to love the one.

It doesn’t matters if people say that it wasn’t true love because they never loved you back or his/her love wasn’t just enough. For you it would still be true love, no matter what anybody says and that’s the beauty of love.


ps : this is one of my all time favorite songs, just check it out.


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