Being invisible in the eyes of others.


                                                                You know that feeling when you are being ignored by your friends or classmates. When they look straight in your direction but they see a person besides you.  The feeling when everyone ignores you while you are trying to tell them about an interesting incident that happened. It’s like you don’t even matter because they think that you just aren’t an interesting person. Sometimes this behaviors take a whole another level when they don’t even bother to pretend that they care about you and that hurts like a bitch. You just want to fit in and you are trying your very best to just finally blend in with everyone but no matter how hard you try, you keep failing. That’s when you start wondering whether there is something wrong with yourself but in reality it not you. It’s the friends you are making or maybe it’s just a small misunderstanding.


                                                                    It’s not your fault really, either you are making the wrong kind of friends or you are just making things up in your mind. You need be friend with those who really care about you. You have to make sure that you are not forcing yourself into a group just so you can fit in.  They might be ignoring you because they clearly don’t want you in their group. It is hard to be ignored but not being ignored is much easier. You should always stay with such people for whom your existence does matters.

                                                                         But sometimes this rejection is just in your head. Some of us introverts have difficulty fitting in with the other kids. It’s not easy for us to make new friends because we are either very shy or we lack the skills of socialization.  For us making friends feels like a very hard task. Some of us would rather prefer the fiction characters from our books on actual real people as our friends. This type of mentality makes us feel like nobody likes us and makes us feel rejected. Many of the times it’s just our brain playing games with us, making us feel that we are unwanted. I think everyone can make it through.

                                                                   Everyone deserves friendship though whether it’s an easy or hard one. Everyone needs someone to share, love and of course have a few drinks with. I mean in the end humans are social animals.




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