Why are woman always considered as “whores” and not men?

When people say they believe in equality, they don’t really realize what equality means. Yes, I would agree to a fact that people in our society are a little more open minded and unorthodox then before when it comes to the issue of women rights but that doesn’t means that we are still there. One of the most basic example that we all as teenagers see in our day to day life is when a boy dates too many girls and has any type of sexual relationship with them then he is considered “cool”, “stud”, etc, etc. why isn’t he deemed as a slut or a whore. But if in his place it’s a woman then she is named as many as unholy words that are there in the universe.

I mean if you talk about equality then where is your equality in such cases. Why is the female always blamed for everything. And don’t pretend and be like, “I never thought that a boy who is basically a playboy is hot and a girl who is a “playgirl is a slut”. I mean it’s a stereotype in our society. But I think it is our responsibility to change this because we are the future. It is us who need to change such mistakes, to change such stereotypes and teach equality in a better way. I don’t mean that being a playboy or anything is a good thing. I mean, “Get a life dude, there is so much to life than just sex”.  But in a certain age we all do it. All of us make mistake that we regret and that’s life but labeling someone with such cruel tags for such tribal reason because they belong to certain gender, caste, religion, etc is not right. I hope you all would just spread some love. Peace out.



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