Relationship < Ego

At this point in my life each and every one of my friend is dating and I am literally the only one who is not interested in it.  I mean dating nowadays feels like a show of power more than love and affection. I am not a person who likes to live by the rules of others. I see my female friends asking for permissions of their boyfriends for silly things. I mean why? He is not your parent and he is definitely not the one who pays for your basic needs. You are your own self.  I disagree with this whole business, it’s the 21th century in which we talk about how women are becoming independent and you guys are still living under the rule of a stupid teenage boy. I mean you are his partner, his equal and not his pet dog.

I think a good relationship is when your partner understands and respects your choices and doesn’t try to tie you down.  A person who respects you enough to trust in your decision making power. That is what love is all about. Pushing each other to do better in their life rather than binding them to your wipe just so you could get the satisfaction of a boosted ego.  I have seen girls who understand this simple rule and yet they still follow what he says like a trained dog.

And sometimes you see this scenario in guys; they follow the orders of their girlfriends without even thinking logically about it like a blind guy. Some of them are so smitten that they don’t even realize what’s right and what’s wrong.  I mean, use your godammit brains people. Stop living under someone’s shadow and find a person who is strong enough to respect your life as much as he/she respects their own. Peace out.




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