In this world everyone wants to be successful and failure is frowned upon and considered as a disgrace. People don’t usually realize that failure in life is as important as success, recently I have experienced failure and I am a type of a person who has always been so scared of failing in life that I always preferred dying over it, which is extreme but it is the truth of the world we live in these days. Failing is a sin. Everyone you know or might not even know will try to put you down when you fail, whatever you might have failed in. There are very few people who would help you through it and encourage you. It’s like a taboo. The more you feel ashamed of it the more you will suffer and would never come up from it.

But the best way to deal with it is to own it. You need own failure like you would own your victory, embrace it and make the best out of it. It might seem like the end of your world but trust me it isn’t. There are a lot of things out there that could be worse than it. There are so many people who go worse situation worse than it. Nobody tells you that failure teaches you much more than what success ever could. It is a setback, a milestone and not a forbidden sin. Failure helps you to come back out stronger and wiser.

Life has become a race and not a journey where you could learn from your mistakes, there is just no room for mistakes anymore. If you are or have experienced failure just know that it’s not a big deal and your life is not done, all you have to do is learn from it and use it in a way that could bring you more ‘success’ than success could ever do. No matter what anyone says to you, you are still worth it and you can still make it.

– the_invisible_girl’s_dream

insta : the_invisible_girls_dream


8 thoughts on “Failure.

  1. If everybody can understand the meaning,which you have been learned & experienced in your own life, it is the great point of teach & understanding, each success is in your hand, you can do every things in your life. Nothing is impossible for you,bless You. (Your fathet)

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