Why are woman always considered as “whores” and not men?

When people say they believe in equality, they don’t really realize what equality means. Yes, I would agree to a fact that people in our society are a little more open minded and unorthodox then before when it comes to the issue of women rights but that doesn’t means that we are still there. One of the most basic example that we all as teenagers see in our day to day life is when a boy dates too many girls and has any type of sexual relationship with them then he is considered “cool”, “stud”, etc, etc. why isn’t he deemed as a slut or a whore. But if in his place it’s a woman then she is named as many as unholy words that are there in the universe.

I mean if you talk about equality then where is your equality in such cases. Why is the female always blamed for everything. And don’t pretend and be like, “I never thought that a boy who is basically a playboy is hot and a girl who is a “playgirl is a slut”. I mean it’s a stereotype in our society. But I think it is our responsibility to change this because we are the future. It is us who need to change such mistakes, to change such stereotypes and teach equality in a better way. I don’t mean that being a playboy or anything is a good thing. I mean, “Get a life dude, there is so much to life than just sex”.  But in a certain age we all do it. All of us make mistake that we regret and that’s life but labeling someone with such cruel tags for such tribal reason because they belong to certain gender, caste, religion, etc is not right. I hope you all would just spread some love. Peace out.



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Those bad days.

                                                                   Do you have those horrible days when you don’t want to do anything at all?  It feels like everything is falling apart and all you want to do is curl up in your bed. You don’t want to interact with anyone or have any kind of social relationship. You just want to cry and cry until this horrible feeling goes away.  You just want to stay in your personal bubble because everything else is just annoying the shit out of you.  You don’t even know what’s wrong with you but you just know that it’s not a very pleasant kind of a feeling.  You just feeling extremely numb and like you could just break any possible second.


                                                                  Personally I have been through it a lot of times than I’ll like to admit. I have had it for days or sometimes a whole month but I think it’s maybe because at some point in my life I was extremely depressed. Depression is a struggle much like being a drug addict is. It’s like it never truly goes away and any small irrelevant thing could trigger it back.  It could lead to allot of things like self-harm and so on. It makes you so much angry, you don’t even know where this anger is coming from but it’s there and you don’t have a way of getting rid of it. So the only possible way you find is self-harm. It’s definitely a bad thing but most people don’t understand how bad it could be. People think its funny but it’s not.


                                                                          The only way you could get out this by thinking about happy memories, try to paint a possible happy future for yourself. You can also joint therapy or whatever you think is bed for you. You just need to have hope. Hope is a very strong feeling could get you through all the possible difficult times in your life. Believe in yourself and learn to love yourself.


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Being invisible in the eyes of others.


                                                                You know that feeling when you are being ignored by your friends or classmates. When they look straight in your direction but they see a person besides you.  The feeling when everyone ignores you while you are trying to tell them about an interesting incident that happened. It’s like you don’t even matter because they think that you just aren’t an interesting person. Sometimes this behaviors take a whole another level when they don’t even bother to pretend that they care about you and that hurts like a bitch. You just want to fit in and you are trying your very best to just finally blend in with everyone but no matter how hard you try, you keep failing. That’s when you start wondering whether there is something wrong with yourself but in reality it not you. It’s the friends you are making or maybe it’s just a small misunderstanding.


                                                                    It’s not your fault really, either you are making the wrong kind of friends or you are just making things up in your mind. You need be friend with those who really care about you. You have to make sure that you are not forcing yourself into a group just so you can fit in.  They might be ignoring you because they clearly don’t want you in their group. It is hard to be ignored but not being ignored is much easier. You should always stay with such people for whom your existence does matters.

                                                                         But sometimes this rejection is just in your head. Some of us introverts have difficulty fitting in with the other kids. It’s not easy for us to make new friends because we are either very shy or we lack the skills of socialization.  For us making friends feels like a very hard task. Some of us would rather prefer the fiction characters from our books on actual real people as our friends. This type of mentality makes us feel like nobody likes us and makes us feel rejected. Many of the times it’s just our brain playing games with us, making us feel that we are unwanted. I think everyone can make it through.

                                                                   Everyone deserves friendship though whether it’s an easy or hard one. Everyone needs someone to share, love and of course have a few drinks with. I mean in the end humans are social animals.




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What about love?

Love, it’s just a difficult feeling to explain, you can’t really explain it unless you have ever been in love and even if you have ever been in love it’s still quite hard to explain it. There are all different types of love that come with different types of relationship. But the love you have for someone with whom you’ll like to spend the rest of your existence or at least you hope to spend the rest of your existence with them is very much different. Love is beautiful yet dangerous. Love is like a roller-coaster, you feel so much more alive then you actually are.

Your world starts with your special one and ends with them. It’s like they have this power that could make you do anything and everything. If you both disagree, it feels like your worlds going to end. When he/she is happy, so are you. When he/she is sad, so are you. Your whole universe starts to revolve around the one. But when your one and only; doesn’t loves you back as much as you love him/her or maybe a little less than you do; it hurt. It hurt so much that you can physically feel it. It’s like your hearts stops beating.

But if he/she loves someone else then it feels more like dying, it’s like every second you see them loving someone else, in that every second you are dying slowly and everything is just not beautiful anymore. Life has no meaning to it. You just want a little love, little hope because you know you can’t just live with the one. You just want, no you need him/her to just love you back. Everything starts to fall apart and you just don’t know pick up the broken pieces. You don’t know how to just undo it, how to be whole again and it suck but if you ever had a chances to overdo it, you would still choose to love the one.

It doesn’t matters if people say that it wasn’t true love because they never loved you back or his/her love wasn’t just enough. For you it would still be true love, no matter what anybody says and that’s the beauty of love.


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What’s the right way of celebrating the festival of lights; Diwali?

Diwali is one the most important festivals of India. The festival of lights they call it. Diwali is celebrated across religion and region. But are we celebrating this festival in the right way? Are we really pleasing the gods above by our ways of celebrating it? I am not much of a very religious person but I think that even the Gods know the importance’s of the God of all gods, who might you ask? Well isn’t it obvious; “Earth”. Our mother earth is at least to me is above god and everything (quite literally). The earth gives us life, water, food and everything else. We are nothing without her and yet we harm her in so many horrible ways. We don’t understand that how important she is for our existence as a race. “You don’t know the value of something until you lose it”, is so true in this case. Sometimes we have no choice but to harm her in order to have development for our race. But do we have a choice? Are there things that are not necessary and can be stopped which will help reduce the pain of our mother nature.

Well the easiest way to do that is to stop bursting so many effing firecrackers during Diwali. It does looks like a small effort like, “what difference is it going to make if I won’t burst cracker for like 5 days”, but trust me it will. And isn’t Diwali a festival of lights and I am pretty sure that light doesn’t necessarily means firecracker. I mean you could donate some candles to people who have to live without any form of electricity or light. Children who don’t have any sort of light to study under in the dark. I think that would be a right way to celebrate the festival of light and trust me it would definitely feel 100 times better than burning crackers. The happiness you get when you donate anything to a person who actual needs it. You could spread light in someone’s life by your kindness and donation and this light would be brighter than the one a firecracker can make. A better noise than of a firecracker can be the one of a contained laugh happy child. Do something different for once and feel the happiness. So be the change this Diwali because isn’t it to mainstream to burst crackers and celebrate Diwali?


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pss : Fireworks are not fun for animals. Always keep dogs and cats inside the house when fireworks are being let off. Stay calm and make sure they have somewhere to hide.

pss : Check out my friend’s post for better facts on bursting firecrackers during Diwali. Be a little selfish this Diwali.

psss : HAPPY DIWALI!!!! 🙂 to everyone.

What about the future?

If we could just have a glimpse in the future then maybe it won’t be so difficult to make decisions that would give us a guaranteed happy life. Future is such a scary yet exciting term. You never know what the future might hold for you. You never know what or how you would be then and you constantly keep trying in various ways to secure your future but it doesn’t always turns out the way you want it to be.

It’s also so hard to decide what we want to do in the future because let’s face it, we are still confused teenagers with out of control hormones and to make such a critical decision during this confusing time is more confusing than reading a book in Victorian English. It’s not just being confused about it but deciding what we want to do is also hard because as we grow up our interests keep changing quite rapidly, at our age we are never sure about anything. I mean let’s face it everyone hated Justin Bieber like 6 months ago and they hated him for a long time but now that he has dropped his new album which I might say is quite awesome everyone has started to like him. That’s not the only example I mean you have a crush for like a month tops and later on you don’t like that person anymore. I mean personally I change my crush like I change my pants.

But hey, who said life was easy (no one apparently). It’s okay to be confused and not sure. I mean no one is perfect. You just have to have faith in yourself. You just have to give time for yourself and discover new things and just go on with life. You’ll figure it out sooner or later just don’t be in hurry. You’ll get it eventually.


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Why happiness does come with a price tag?

Do you feel like every time you are happy somehow it gets stolen from you? For some bizarre reason your happiness turns into pain or sadness. It’s like ‘happiness’ personally hates you, it’s just doesn’t wants to stay with you. The more you laugh the more you cry. Isn’t it so unfair? And more over sometime you just can’t seem to find it. All that is left in your life is sadness and pain. You just can’t stop crying over petty things and no matter how hard you try to be happy, it’s like happiness is completely stripped from your soul and has been sold to the devil. In these moments of desperations you are clinging on to the smallest hope of happiness you get from anyone or anything. Sometimes this thing or person won’t help you and in such times you lose hope completely.

Why is our happiness always dependent on others? The people who just don’t care about how we feel but we still feel that they are important to us and that we need them. Why do we need a reason to be happy? Why can’t we just be happy for our existence and for all the things we have rather than just crying over the things we don’t have. If we keep our happiness dependent on things that really do matter then something might just change. We just need to widen our horizon, see outside the box. The world is a big place and if we just learn to see the world for what it is, a very big happy place with a little  sprinkle of sadness to help us realize the importance’s of ‘being happy’. If we just start living for those happy moments then maybe, just maybe ‘happiness’ would stay.

Discover yourself, they said. How?

                                                                                   I think most of us go through a time when we are confused about ourselves. Sometimes this confusing leads to good things and sometimes it leads us to bad ones. But how do we use this loneliness, anger, frustration and depression to our own benefit. How can we play it safe? Can it help us in our search for our true selves? Do we even know that there is some light in this dark world? Hope? Hope, it’s such an unknown feeling.

                                                                                    In such times all you see is inevitable, nothing more or nothing less. Hope? It’s all gone with the wind. Every moment is as painful as the 12’o clock sun to a vampire. But in such times all you need is that little push. That little light of hope, love and companionship and it doesn’t has to someone or something. You could be your own hero. You could save yourself. You could ripe out the knife from your heat and stop the never ending pain. All you have to do is believe in yourself. I know it sound stupid and idiotic, you may think “hey, that’s not going to work. I am too weak for this. I am just useless” but trust me you are not. You are a very beautiful unique creature and maybe everyone just can’t seem to realize it yet. But you need too; you need too so you can discover yourself beyond those depressing emotions.

                                         All you need to do is save yourself and who knew discovering yourself would be such a labor and remember diamonds are made after the coal goes through a lot of hot shit (pun indeed).


Discover yourself, they said.

Discover yourself. How can someone discover himself/herself? How do you know who you are? Is this the true you or the fake you. We spend so much of our lives in pretending to be someone else that we truly forget who we really are. What we really are, what we like or what we dislike. We do all this just so we can fit in the eyes of the others. It’s such a pitiful way to live our lives. Some of us go through our entire life without truly knowing who we are. We just keep pretending to be happy and keep smiling in the eye of the world. But what happens when we are alone.

What happens is that we realize that how extremely unhappy we are with our lives. And how depressed, alone and angry we are and how badly we are drowning in this sea of unknown emotions. And are these emotions just who we really are?  Or there is something beyond this loneliness. Something that is hidden in these dark thoughts, something that would help us in discovering who we are or would it just led us to our own doom.